Medical Equipments

Chemstreet Limited has invested heavily in diagnostic instrumentation to support technicians and clinical expertise in various capacities. We market, sell, install and maintain a wide range of medical equipment for various clinical applications in the hospitals.  We also have portable equipments for outreach, disaster relief and preparedness, screening and health audit.

Medical Consumables/Accessories and Reagents

Chemstreet Limited supply a variety of consumables, disposables, medical accessories and reagent from our Suva base office. Our range of medical disposable/reusable is one of the widest in the Pacific Region. From daily essentials such as gloves, gauze, syringe, catheter, gowns, dressing and wound care, thermal printing papers, SPO2 probe, ECG probe, BP Cuff for all sizes etc., we have it all.

Rapid Test Kits

We have full range of rapid Test Kits so patients can access their blood results and health professional can perform blood testing or screening onsite and result out at same time. Test kits such as TFT, Renal, Cardiac, Infectious Disease (antigen & antibodies), Tumour makers, Fertility Test, Drugs of Abuse test kit etc. Chemstreet has it all.

Health Information (PACS/RIS, LIMS, HIS)

Chemstreet Limited also have products for various healthcare information system such as Picture Archiving & Information system, Radiology Information system, Laboratory Information Management system, Hospital information system.

Our wish is for all citizens should access reliable and fast care despite location. We have the capability to link your nearby health facility from remote, maritime, interior with our information system to the urban centres and eliminate unnecessary referrals to urban health facilities.