We understand that Pacific Island Countries are remotely located. Therefore product and clinical expertise rely upon suppliers for their support. Below is our tailor-made robust back-up support program which makes Chemstreet Limited unique:

Project Business

Project Management

Chemstreet Limited has proven its worth locally as a partner when the going got tough.

When we enter a contract with the government or a customer in a project despite its volume, we supply, provide installation, conduct training to end-user and in-house technical team, commissioning the project and manage the performance of our equipment during and after warranty period.

We adore providing capacity building to the locals and being part of the equipment in striving for better health for all.

Chemstreet Limited takes pride in completing a project even when resources are lacking. We offer tailor made financial plan for each customer so, finance does not halt delivery of care to those needed. We have so many financial plans from small projects to capital projects.

Equipment Consulting and Assessment

We are the only company to assess the existing health delivery system, product, clinical interventions and suggest improvement where needed.

An efficient healthcare delivery system does not only rely on clinical expertise but on correct and reliable working tools for the correct level of intervention. Chemstreet Limited DOES NOT propose unless the objectives of the facility and level of services are clearer, so our product meets or exceeds our customer’s expectation.

We meet with our customers and understand their needs, listen to their concern or problem faced daily and propose solution.

Turnkey Solution

Chemstreet Limited understands that the Pacific Island Countries health service delivery has been operating with more sub-standard and obsolete equipment washed to our shores.

We have the capacity and resources to fully equip your new health facility or expansion of your existing or even injecting new equipment to your existing hospital/clinic. We can fully equip any hospital department or one whole hospital. We have invested a lot in expanding our product line for such services when and where required.

Financial Plan

Chemstreet offers financial plans to our customers. We can supply or equip your clinic, facility with all needed equipments/capital equipments with full customer satisfaction of project execution while you pay us with whatever funds is available. We do not believe in financials to halt the delivery of care to your patients.

We can even tailor-made the projects with your financial capability.

"Chemstreet wish to focus on your working tools while you focus on delivering the services"

Technical Service Business

Preventative and Corrective Maintenance

Chemstreet Limited is the only company which has in-house qualified, skilled and competent Biomedical Engineers. We have the capacity to conduct maintenance of any kind of medical equipment on the following;

  • Repair & maintenance perform at your location where your equipment are installed or at our service centre.
  • Keep your equipment in optimum operating condition and restore faulty equipment to working order in accordance with the manufacturers specification, guidelines and instructions
  • Provide on-call remedial maintenance
  • Speedy repairs and maintenance attendance through call centre and our new web portal
  • Development of customer’s inventory management mechanism to keep track with your investments and return
  • Maintenance can be provide through contract or on need basis
  • Maintain less than 24 hours equipment downtime

Technical Support

Chemstreet provides technical support to our entire product and our product users to ensure familiarization of the product is achieved.

This can be achieved through training during installation onsite, offshore, and ongoing refresher training when required by the users.

We have made it possible for our customers to reach our technical support team through our 24/7 call-centre, email or web portal. Our skilled and competent Engineers and Technician can solve your technical problem whenever assistance is required or dispatched to your site any time.

Warranty Management

Our warranty is always 24 months from date of shipment from the factory.

We keep track on the performance of our product during warranty through our schedule visits should it be a hospital or country wide technical support visit.

Warehousing & Distribution

We keep ex-stock for parts, accessories and consumables for all products at our Head Office in Suva and coordinate with our logistics team to ensure that you receive your needed parts the same day or within 24 hours.

Loaners Program

We kept frontline equipment in-stock in our warehouse in Suva to ensure when your existing equipment is down, your services keeps moving by having spare unit within reach.

We understand many Pacific Island Countries health delivery is always hindered, by malfunction of equipment, longer time to acquire parts or no accessories, Chemstreet disagree and wish to eliminate this excuse. Our goal is for all citizens to receive “CARE” when and where needed.

Outreach and Mobile Service Business

Point of Care Testing services

Chemstreet also operate a sister business services through Point of Care Testing (POCT) services. This are laboratory testing or analyses perform outside and within the clinical settings.

We run several tests at an affordable cost compare to our competitors.

We also have our main confirmer test lab with our modern lab technologies for all positive test run onsite. These tests may be useful to Health screening in rural and remote settings as it is cheaper. As POCT is performed closest to patient, the results are available more quickly than the samples sent to laboratory. This is benefits to medical care delivery. The aim is to improve efficiency and reduce patient wait time in day-case or outpatient clinics.

Quality Policy

Chemstreet Limited believes in quality of highest level. We understand that in the Pacific there is no regulatory bodies to regulate importation of medical devices except for Drugs which already have the Government approved legislation. To care for our people in the Pacific, we conduct pre-market surveillance and assess both the manufacturer and product before engaging to become exclusive distributor and import to our shores.

The fact that we are in a business which is directly link to life and death (“health”) and the wellbeing of users of our product make us a more responsible supplier. We only import and export health products which are certified by CE and or FDA standard, TUV and our factories are ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 and complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).